1. Why would anyone [who cares about Searsport ] wish to have DCP Midstream move into our town?
  2. Given the scale between the proposed LPG tank (137 ft +) and the tallest building existing structure in Searsport (34 ft.) how can DEP maintain this tank has a “low impact” on the Town?
  3. Have any studies been done on how homeowners/business insurance  will be impacted with an LPG tank sitting so close to the town?
  4. What impact will the tankers have on the bay?  What is the exclusion zone for tankers?
  5. What will be the impact of hundreds of additional very large/heavy trucks be on our roads?  Will our taxes go up to repair the roads?
  6. How will having the LPG tank and terminal affect local property values?
  7. Is there a comparable tank somewhere else in the US?    Statistically how has it impacted property values?
  8. How do the emissions from the trucks impact bronchial problems?
  9. Is the Town of Searsport prepared to handle fire hazards and fire safety issues that may occur?
  10. What is the plan to fend off terrorists for the region?
  11. Is there any commitment from Conoco Phillips to properly take care of the tank once its usefulness is over?
  12. Is Conoco Phillips required to post a liability bond and for how much?
  13. Is it true the residents of Searsport are considered “collateral damage” if there is a massive explosion?
  14. Why did we need to raise the height increase for the cranes at Mack Point?  Can this vote go back to the people?
  15. Can the residents of Searsport have a vote as to whether they want this tank in their backyard or not?
  16. How large are the LPG tankers?  How deep are their hulls?  How much dredging will needed to be done to accommodate them?
  17. How do local EMS staff anticipate saving people and salvaging buildings in case of a major catastrophic event?
  18. Aren’t the trucks themselves a terrorist target?
  19. Why is Homeland Security not involved?
  20. Where are the regulations, and who is going to police or enforce those regulations?  If DCP does not comply with these regulations, what are the penalties?  Will DCP simply pay the fines which are pocket change to a multi billion dollar company, and go about their business?
  21. Have any of the members of the Searsport Planning Board been in touch with officials from the Department of Homeland Security?
  22. Will emissions from the chemicals used to detect leaks leave a permanent smell in the air?
  23. What is in this for Searsport?  Is DCP willing to invest in the Town in some way?
  24. What are the soils like in the proposed site?  Are wetlands impacted?
  25. What is the impact on the health and environment for the COMBINATION of the already existing GAC chemicals and the chemicals housed in the new tank?
  26. Why has there not been more transparency between the Planning Board of Searsport and the residents?
  27. Has any consideration be taken as to the fact there is a earthquake fault line running through Searsport?  How will that affect the facility?
  28. What is the length of time for the construction phase of this project?  What will be the traffic delays during this time?  What will the noise level be during construction?
  29. Noise levels in general – What will they be?
  30. Will we have to change speed limits to accommodate a large number of massive trucks and also change the “jake brake” ordinances?
  31. Is there an evacuation plan in place?  particularly during busy summer holidays i.e. 4th of July and Labor Day?
  32. Is the amount of toxic emissions from the trucks going to poison our environment?
  33. Is there a required setback between the tank and homes and businesses?
  34. What recourse do we have as a town to put the brakes on this project?
  35. How can a property tax paying non-resident have input into this situation?
  36. Can we have a moratorium on the development of this proposed tank until much more critical information is gathered?
  37. Is there a plan by the Town officials of Searsport to alert non-residents about proposed tank project?
  38. Can Stockton Springs and other Towns be a part of this process?
  39. How is lost revenue going to be addressed by the Town?
  40. What happens if the LPG solidifies in the tanks?  Does it crack the tank?  Is LPG flammable when in a solid form?
  41. How quickly will the Town reduce homeowner taxes if our property values all go down significantly because of the proximity of the tank?
  42. Can we do a cost benefit analysis?  What will be the net gain and loss for the  mid-coast region as a whole?
  43. What will be the noise level of the trucks going through downtown?
  44. Do non-resident parents of children outside of Searsport but who are attending Searsport regional schools have a say in whether they want a tank in such close proximity to the schools?
  45. Why not do an Economic Impact Study?
  46. Why are the standards not as strict for LPG as they are for LNG?
  47. How long will it take to fill the water tank and how will that impact the water pressure for Searsport residents while it is filling?
  48. If there is a tanker spill, what are the consequences on wildlife and migrating species?
  49. Can we get a copy of the presentation/transcript of the show from the initial DCP “dog and pony” show at the Searsport Town Hall to use as a comparison to what is on the permit?
  50. Are any Federal or State laws being violated by placing “a bomb” within Town limits?
  51. Do we need to get legal/expert advice?
  52. Is this DCP’s first marine terminal?
  53. Has anything this size been built anywhere in the US?
  54. Do the Tampa and Rhode Island DCP facilities have their own generating plants or do they use local electric power?
  55. Has anyone been able to read the DOT permit?  Who is responsible for assessing and monitoring the increased pollution levels at Mack Point?
  56. Are there any studies indicating that Mainers use more LPG in the Winter than in the summer months?
  57. Has an impact study for traffic safety inforcement issues (what is safe distance  from other vehicles for stopping ? on ice and snow ? in fog or heavy rain ) been conducted? who decides in winter weather if 100,000 lb tanker hits the road ? the driver ? the company dispatcher from Florida ? the state police ?
  58. If a wide load needs a warning truck and two state police vehicles when a windmill blade moving 40 mph goes down the road why does a 100,000 lb bomb go without safety escort?
  59. If tanker truck goes into Lake Saint George on the curve, what are the emergency plans for evacuation and remediation? … If a tanker truck goes off the road and leaks how does the load get removed, what equipments involved and where is it based?
  60. A tanker carrying diesel was just rear ended in Arizona  and burned for two hours. What are the emergency plans for Belfast, Belmont, Searsmont, Morrill, Liberty, Montville, Palermo, China, Searsport, Stockton Springs, Frankfurt, Hampden?.. All towns effected by the proposed dramatic increase in industrial traffic.  How big would the explosion and fireball be?
  61. Are the guard rails on the Belfast Bay, Passagassawakeag Bridge strong enough to prevent a 100,000 lb. tanker from swerving over the side? Is the Belfast Bay Bridge engineered for summer traffic load and a 100,000 lb tanker? as a point load? along with another fully loaded tractor trailer?
  62. Can a drunk or nut in a wheeler (gravel truck ) or a pulp truck take one of these 100,0000 lb. trucks out?
  63. What are the security plans for the tank site and have the State Police, local Police and Sheriff’s Dept. met with the company and signed off on the security plans?

LIST OF ACTIONS         An Economic Impact Study done by a neutral party to include:

  • Number of jobs gained vs. number of jobs lost
  • Additional tax revenue
  • Impact of revenue sharing – is it going to be a loss?
  • Infra-structure – impact on Town services
  • Impact on Tourism
  • Traffic congestion and delays
  1. An Independent soil study done at the proposed site and done by a soil scientist.
  2. An Independent Engineering Review to assist the Searsport planning board.
  3. Encourage the Tourism Office to weigh in.
  4. Write to Jay Clement – Wetlands
  5. Write to Alan Moore – Coast Guard
  6. Contact all City Officials
  7. Publish the 17 Performance Standards from the Site Plan Ordinance that must be complied with.
  8. Identify the Decision Makers involved
  9. Demand a Moratorium until further information can be gathered
  10. Look at Maine Law – Kittery Decision 1991?
  11. Contact organizations such as Earth Justice & Environment Maine
  12. Strategy to get DCP to pay for studies etc.
  13. Send personalized form letter to Towns asking them to weigh in.