Outside the Cafeteria…

This report by Christine Parrish of the Free Press.

Serving the Public
After removing Ben Crimaudo from a public meeting for  whispering, Searsport police officers close the doors to the cafeteria to  block reporters from following. Video photos courtesy of Amy Browne, WERU       89.9 FM
A Searsport police officer grabs the camera of Belfast resident Peter Wilkinson and orders him to stop filming and leave the  area while officers question Searsport resident Ben Crimaudo in the hallway of Searsport High School. Video photo courtesy of Amy Browne,       WERU 89.9 FM

by Christine Parrish
Feature Writer

Searsport police removed Ben Crimaudo, 75, from a Searsport public hearing on   Wednesday, November 28, for urgent whispering. No charges were filed, and   Crimaudo left the meeting and came back the following night.

That might have been the end of an incident involving an overzealous officer.

But the sequence of events that transpired that night raises questions about   whether Searsport’s town administration has had undue influence during the   past two years on the public process to see if a proposed 22.7-million-gallon   propane facility does, in fact, comply with town ordinances.     Read more here.




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