Planning Board Public Hearings: Day 1

DCP: ‘Its Not a Regional Concern’


Have a look at the bus.

At one point early in the questioning of those who applied for “interested party” status this was the paraphrase of DCP’s lead attorney. And to those in the audience who were audibly displeased, thank you for coming. Nearly all the non-Searsport parties were denied status. So, after the first day, that is where we are at; DCP Midstream though their attorneys want to shut us down and limit speech. This is why is it critical we are there all week, so if you came tonight and witnessed DCP Midstream try and ultimately succeed in getting standing, thank you. For many, it probably was an eye-opener.

Tuesday night the hearings continue at 6:00 pm at the Searsport District High School (school bus pictured).  DCP Midstream will begin the hearing with their presentation of the project. Following will be presentations by interested parties. Please be there to witness what DCP has to say. We absolutely need to fill every chair in the auditorium. Please come.


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