Public Hearings This Week

Come, Witness, Listen & Speak

This is an important week. DCP Midstream will be coming from Denver to Searsport for the Searsport Planning Board public hearings for their LPG mega-tank project. Despite their application not being complete; not having title, right, or interest, never produced a scale model, a safety study, and in the absence of a thorough environmental impact statement, these hearings will go forward. Our message this week: COME TO THE HEARINGS. In the past you may have gone to meetings, written and read letters and feel passionately this project should NOT be sited in Searsport. And now it’s time to act; our side needs to be heard LOUD and STRONG. The Searsport Planning Board needs to hear from you and how this project will affect you. If you make your living on the water and have concerns about tanker vessels affecting marine traffic, the dredging that is needed and what will happen with the spoils; concerns about the impacts to clamming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, birding, to the night sky from the mega-tank being brightly lit all night or from the emergency gas flare; concerns on pollution and safety from LPG tanker trucks travelling up and down rtes. 1, 1A, 3 and others; concerns on impacts to your historic building, motel, Inn, B&B or business.  Please bring all your concerns to the hearing and speak. We want as many people to come and speak as possible. If you do not want to speak you may submit a written comment as well. We urge everyone to come Monday at 6pm at Searsport High School. The proposed schedule for these hearings:


Monday:          Preliminary matters (including standing and interested party determinations) followed by DCP presentation.

Tuesday:          Interested party presentations and cross-examinations

Wednesday:    Economic study followed by questions from the Board and parties, Additional interested parties. Public comment if time allows

Thursday:        Public comment (may continue to additional nights TBD)


The hearings will be held at the Searsport District High School cafeteria, 24 Mortland Rd., Searsport.  If you are coming north, Mortland is a left on Rte. 1, past the Marine Museum, opposite the Full Gospel Church. The high school is on the left, just past the Carver Library.  We encourage you to get there early. A link to a map is here:

Please remember this mega-tank (we encourage everyone to use this expression) is NOT A DONE DEAL. Please come and listen and take notes, as many nights as you possibly can as the schedule may change at any time and you may hear something you will want to speak about later in the hearings. We want the largest showing Monday to send the message THIS PROJECT IS REGIONAL and needs to involve all people of the Mid Coast region.  Please consider posting a TBNT yard sign especially if you live on Rte. 1 or a highly trafficked road. Please see the new “letters” page and “video” page for new videos  Also visit the Searsport LPG Tank Protest Facebook page (don’t forget to “like” it).

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