Update from the Searsport Planning Board meeting


Last night the Searsport Planning Board forged ahead with holding public hearings on the mega-tank now set for Monday, November 26 at 6:00 pm at the Searsport District High School, 24 Mortland Rd. The hearing will be held in the cafeteria and it will be continued over subsequent days of November 27, 28 and 29 with each session to convene at 6pm with the possibility of a future continuance to be scheduled by the Planning Board on November 29.  We ask that if you are interested in speaking at the hearing to please be in touch with us so we may coordinate speakers. It is important to get as many speakers as possible and to spread across as many days as possible, so please consider speaking on the 27, 28 or 29 as we anticipate the 26th will be full. The hearings will start in November then take a holiday break and resume in January to hear the conclusions of the Good Harbor All Hazards Risk Assessment.

Anyone requesting status to present testimony and evidence as an interested party should, by November 19, 2012, submit to the Planning Board, c/o the Town of Searsport a request including the party’s name, the reasons why said party has a special interest (e.g., will be directly affected by this project to a greater extent than the general public), and a summary of the witnesses and evidence that the said party intends to produce at the hearing. (You can call yourself as a witness). Interested party status will be determined by the Planning Board at the public hearing. Parties who have submitted a request in advance will be given preference.   If you can show how you are going to be injured by this project and what your injuries will be we encourage you to write for status. For example,  if you will suffer a loss in business if you own a tourist-reliant small business, or will suffer a loss in property value, if the trucks will be driving by your home and will suffer a loss of safety or will suffer from an ailment which will  cause medical damage. If you own a historic property that will be damaged by truck traffic or if you use the night-sky for astronomy, if you are a boater and will be restricted by loss of use when the tanker vessels are coming through and have exclusion zones, please write.  We ask that you copy us in your correspondence so we can keep a record.

The address to write:

 Searsport Planning Board

c/o Town of Searsport

P.O. Box 499

Searsport, ME  04974


A new ACTION GROUP is forming and hoping for the participation of you and your friends. This is not TBNT, but area citizens who want to take action and a stand against DCP’s tank before this project gets final approval, before it’s too late to make a difference. This group will meet this coming THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15 from 7-9 PM at Waterfall Arts in Belfast.


We plan on taking part of the call in show this Friday 10-11 AM, “Mid Coast currents” with John Zavodny on WERU 89.9 FM. Please tune in.

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