Twelve New Jobs

A Letter by Harlan McLaughlin in the October 11 Republican Journal

Tank photo is misleading

The photo of the proposed big tank you printed in the 27 Sept. edition, page A3, was extremely misleading. I shouldn’t really call it a photo because it is just DCP’s hallucination of what the monster tank might look like. It has no basis in reality. For starters, does that tank look like it is 14 stories high? Not to me. All settled snugly in the forest, it seems like it will hardly show.

The reality is starkly different. First, the entire area will be clear-cut. The giant tank will sit approximately 120 yards from Route one, right behind Angler’s Restaurant, and it will come with its own 75-foot-tall vent pipe that will belch nasty toxins and flames into our sky on a regular basis. Actually, Angler’s will sit in the tank’s shadow. Angler’s owner says he probably will have to close down if it is built. Only DCP enthusiasts will be willing to eat their meals in that type of industrial environment ,and there aren’t many DCP enthusiasts around. If you enjoy eating your supper with a killer view of industrial grandeur, there is always New Jersey, but people don’t usually come to Maine with that in mind.

Remember, Angler’s employs 50 or so locals and every year they provide the citizens of Searsport with chowder at our town meetings. They have always been good neighbors and responsible citizens. So now we tell them, thanks a lot, but we have a new girlfriend. Her name is DCP and is she hot. She promises to rock our world and provide jobs. Now there may be a few small problems, like noise pollution, light pollution, increased health and terrorism risks and more traffic congestion, but did we mention she might bring us as many as 12 new jobs? Sure, she will ruin our tourist industry, our views, our children’s health and our town, but hey, 12 new jobs, come on! Sure, other businesses in town, like Bluejacket [which also employs about 50 locals], have said they, too, will have to lay off folks if our new girlfriend comes visiting, but how can we turn her down, she’s so rich?

This is too good to pass up! Never mind that DCP has a history of ignoring environmental laws and prefers to just pay the fines. Never mind that they have been dishonest with us since they first got here from Denver. They promised us a scale model of the monster, but later said that was beyond their capabilities. If a scale model is beyond their capabilities, they are either incompetent or dishonest, or both. The picture you ran is just another example of their dishonesty. Makes me wonder if we want their 12 jobs.

They tell us they are a swell company and they are good neighbors and we will love them and they will love us. Now isn’t that what is important? Who really cares about giant gas trucks rolling through our narrow little streets 24/7? We can wait an extra few minutes to get across main street if it means 12 new jobs. So what if our property values sink as low as DCP’s corporate morals, we will have 12 new jobs. Why worry about our bay being clogged with tanker ships, along with their serious security zones? Who cares if we are saddled with higher taxes associated with unforeseen costs related to homeland security and fire and police protection, as long as we get those 12 new jobs?

Twelve new jobs? Is that the corporate discount price for a sleepy little Maine village these days? Is that all it takes to turn us into an industrial wasteland and forever alter our way of life? I guess so!

But did I mention the 12 new jobs?

Harlan McLaughlin


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