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The Searsport Planning Board’s public hearing on the mega-tank is scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving. We received many letters this past week from people that sensed the urgency and felt they could no longer remain silent. All were right on target with their points; a big thanks if you sent a letter. We are still gladly accepting them. We would to especially hear from those who have a particular stake; the people whose livelihoods that are directly affected:  fishermen, lobstermen, clammers, divers, marina operators, boatbuilders, and guides. In addition, hikers, birdwatchers, sailors, kayakers, or endangered species advocates; or if you know of anyone please do not remain silent. If you are a retiree and have come here to enjoy the peace, beauty and tranquility; please let us know. Letters can be addressed to the Searsport Planning Board and sent to Thanks But No Tank at ken.tbnt@gmail.com. Now is the time to act, and if there is anything that needs to be said, now is the time to come forward and raise your voice. Do not let this moment pass. Please forward this email to anyone who can assist at this crucial time, for starters even a contact name supplied is helpful.


We will be again at the Belfast Co op this coming Friday starting about 11:00 (weather permitting) with outreach and distributing signs; we ask for a donation to cover printing costs. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer to do outreach at any venue. After the election is over the plan is to blanket the entire region with our TBNT signs and need your help in accomplishing this very large goal. Please keep this in mind if you live on a heavily trafficked street or have friends or relatives that are on a major thoroughfare or even if you’re not.


The Searsport Selectmen’s Meeting will be Tuesday November 6 (Isn’t something else happening that day too?) at 7pm; upstairs at Union Hall, Searsport.

MAINE 350.org

We had the privilege of taking part in the first ever Maine 350.org statewide conference at Unity College.  The enthusiasm of all the participants, the questions asked, attention given, and quality of the sessions were all very encouraging. An added bonus, Unity’s President, Stephen Mulkey, gave a particularly inspiring address. He has wholeheartedly endorsed their mission and our efforts in stopping the mega tank. 350.Org’s “Do the Math” Tour with environmental author and activist Bill McKibben and cultural critic Naomi Klein comes to Portland on Tuesday November 13. For more information please visit www.350Maine.org.



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