As we come closer to the Searsport Planning Board’s public hearing on the LPG mega-tank, we need to gather as much evidence as possible to make our case. It’s really now or never to make all the arguments; here is where we really need you. If you own a small business (or have friends or relatives that own a business) now is the time to articulate your concerns. We are looking for letters to present to the board which speak to your investment— in years owned, resources invested, and time and money spent in the community. Please consider how the mega-tank would adversely affect the people that visit your establishment or use your services, and what goods and services you in-turn rely on and purchase. Please tell us in a paragraph or two how this project will adversely impact your life, livelihood and property.

We are also looking also for people who make their living on the water and waterfront, for example, passenger transporters, boat builders, marinas, lobstermen, clammers, and guides (both on land and water) to voice their concerns.

If you are an individual who spends time as a hiker, birdwatcher, angler, sailor, kayaker, or endangered species advocate; or again, know of one, please write a letter.

If you belong to a condo association and can bring together other owners or officers, or are a retiree and have invested in property and have concerns about decreases in value we want to hear from you.  Although it may be difficult, any data you can provide would be most helpful.

Also, please do not hesitate for even one minute if you have concerns about writing, as we certainly can assist in editing.  Letters can be addressed to the Searsport Planning Board and sent to Thanks But No Tank at



We will again be doing outreach at the Belfast Co op this coming Tuesday morning until 1. If you would like to pick up a lawn sign, we will have them available for a donation there.

CELDF’s Gail Darrell’s presentation on rights-based ordinances last Friday was excellent. It’s expected to air on Belfast Public Access: Saturday, October-27 at 8pm; Sun, Oct. 28 at 4pm; Sat. Nov. 3 at Noon and Wed Nov. 7 at 8pm. If you do not live in Belfast, we will have link coming to the TBNT website soon.

Next Sunday we will be at the first ever state-wide Maine meeting at Unity College. The conference begins at 10 AM. Our friends at Maine have been very helpful in our efforts, please consider attending. For more information, please visit

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