The Road Ahead

“What’s going on here?” We really have to wonder. In the coming months, we will research and write some of the questions the mega-tank project is prompting us to ask; with a focus on its economics.

For instance, if the US, especially in the East has a glut of propane (according to one recent source, US propane stockpiles grew last week to 72.7 million barrels or more than 3 Billion gallons) then why do we need to IMPORT millions of gallons to Searsport, Maine?  According to DCP Midstream, LPG would be coming from Qatar and the North Sea. And aren’t we still trying to become energy independent and doesn’t this work against our national interests? Didn’t the President just speak of this recently?  Perhaps we all should be asking these larger questions and be looking for alternative (read: better) business opportunities for Searsport.

We are looking to expand this conversation and are open and welcoming experts in energy and economics; if you have any connections please let us know.  We hope to find some answers, or theories that make sense.

We will be at the Common Ground Fair next weekend. Our plan is to have our information distributed by volunteers who can engage and discuss; please let me know if you are attending the fair and would like to help us with this. Many thanks if you have written to a newspaper or gone to your local government meetings. If not, it’s still not too late; please remember, this is NOT a “done deal”.

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