The Maine Fuel Board’s Decision

Word came late last week the Maine Fuel Board had approved the DCP Midstream project on September 5. This was the last piece missing before DCP Midstream can go before the Searsport Planning Board for their building permit. While this is disappointing news, we must fight on, raising our visibility and bringing awareness to the region. A number of great letters have been published recently supporting our cause. If you’ve done outreach in the area, online or written a letter to a media outlet, a huge thanks. The tank is far from a “done deal” and IT IS NOT TOO LATE if you have not written yet (consider also the Bangor Daily News, Free Press and the Portland Press Herald). Concentrate on picking a topic; whether it is the trucks, tankers, tourism, safety study, earthquake fault line, air or light pollution, etc. Our letters will be more effective if they are concentrated solely and strongly on one topic. Please be sure to call the project what it really is, a “mega-tank” and we certainly can help with ideas, editing and where to distribute.

The Searsport Planning Board will meet 6:30 Monday, September 10 upstairs at Union Hall.  We anticipate the DCP application will not be addressed by the Planning Board as it is not on the agenda but please come to support IIT and TBNT attorney Steve Hinchman who will again make the trip up to address the Board.

Please visit our facebook page,  and “like” us. It takes no more than 15 seconds.  I want to bet on people liking mid coast Maine without this heavy industrialized facility.  Strongly consider doing this now.

Lastly, if you are a graphic artist, designer, or other creative person; we are looking to expand our efforts with effective visuals. New signs, bumper stickers, a refined logo or a new identity are being planned. Please let us know if you have expertise and would like to be involved. We’d love to have you contribute.

Read the story by Christine Parrish in the Free Press here.

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