Islesboro Urges Searsport to Endorse Need for Risk Assessment

This week the Islesboro Board of selectmen have sent a letter to the Searsport Board of selectmen, all local governments, and Maine’s Congressional delegation to endorse the need for the Good Harbor study and pledge full cooperation.

Consider attending your own city council or Board of Selectmen meeting (a list of meetings are on the  “Get Involved” page) if you believe they might support the need for the safety study. The more voices officials hear, the better. It’s critical we stay involved.

Good Harbor will begin interviews with local and regional EMS personnel in a week.

ISLESBORO,  MAINE (Aug. 30, 2012) – The Islesboro Board of Selectmen unanimously agreed to ask the Searsport Board of Selectmen to endorse the need for the Richard A. Clarke risk assessment of the proposed LPG facility in Searsport and to pledge the full cooperation of all Searsport emergency personnel in the risk assessment process.
The letter of request to the Searsport Board of Selectmen says, in part, “Islesboro and eight other towns in the Penobscot Bay   region expressed concern about safety, economic and environmental impacts that the LPG facility may pose. Neither Maine Department of Environmental Protection, the Army Corps of Engineers, nor the Searsport Planning Board required DCP Searsport LLC to undertake or otherwise finance an All Hazards Risk Assessment. Because the chorus of concerns and questions remained unanswered, Islesboro Islands Trust engaged the services of quite possibly our nation’s most experienced safety and security analyst, Richard A. Clarke, and his consulting company, Good Harbor, to perform the independent and objective assessment of safety risks.”
The Board of Selectmen letter goes on to say,“We support the comprehensive, independent investigation of the risks and benefits of this proposed facility.  The Good Harbor  assessment will include hazard identification, vulnerability assessment, risk evaluation, risk reduction, resilience recommendations and related special studies and analysis. The study will provide essential information about local and regional fire response, EMS and hospital capabilities. The hazards assessment will include a blast and vapor cloud analysis and a wide range of crucial safety information. We know you agree that this assessment is needed for Searsport and the region. We therefore propose that you support the risk assessment process, like Islesboro, and pledge the full cooperation of all Searsport emergency personnel to facilitate the Good Harbor research.”
 The Islesboro Selectmen also agreed to send a copy of this Searsport letter to all other municipalities in thePenobscot Bay region, to Knox and Waldo County Commissioners, and to Maine’s four Congressional delegates, under cover of a request to all those governmental entities to, “… send your own, similar letter” that “endorses the need for an independent and  objective study of risks associated with the proposed LPG facility at Mack Point, to be conducted by Richard A. Clarke’s   consulting firm, Good Harbor.”
 This Islesboro action came at a regular meeting on Wednesday, August 29, at the Islesboro Town office.
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