Change & Communicate

Change it, fix it, update it; WE DID.  This week’s news is a re-designed TBNT website. It features easy navigation, recent summer content, and lots of great links; for action, information, addresses, news, contributing, facebook, contacting us and more.

However, as exciting as that is, all the TBNT members are a FAR greater strength; communication is most effective as one-on-one, person-to-person contact. The website is only one tool we have; it’s a resource for people to get more information.  We have been vocal and visible, written letters, asked questions and demanded answers, but still there is a large majority of people that don’t hold a strong opinion on either side. Many are sympathetic with TBNT but afraid to join our ranks and speak out. We need the people in the middle to move to our side and tip public opinion, so the tank proposal is then viewed as so undesirable that our elected officials have no other viable option but to get involved.  In the coming weeks we plan to have more tools.

This week’s action—it’s easy:  let me hear from you—if you have ideas or feedback for improvement, please let us know. We would like to add to “our friends” and are looking for good friends (like the Islesboro Islands Trust— who are providing the backing for the Good Harbor safety study). If you are part of an organization looking to link; own a business and would like to be part of a TBNT business association or would like to be involved with our newly-forming event committee please let us know.  And lastly, please SHARE the news of our new site with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives. Encourage them to get involved, on our email list, or make a contribution.

Have a great week!

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