3 Responses to DCP Midstream

The Republican Journal had three great letters published in the August 23 edition.  Here’s the first one below making points about deciphering DCP Midstream.

Responding to Elliot

I was somewhat taken aback by the statement made by DCP’s Roz Elliot in her letter to the editor in the Republican Journal issue published Aug. 16 in which she states that ConocoPhillips and Duke Energy are two companies that have no current relationship to DCP, including ownership, and that DCP is a private company operating solely within the lower 48 states.

While this may be factual on the surface, it is completely disingenuous and one has to ask why she is trying to portray DCP Midstream as a small independent company, rather than the behemoth that it really is.

DCP Midstream is a venture between Spectra Energy and Phillips 66. DCP Midstream owns the general partner of DCP Midstream Partners, LP, a master limited partnership.

Confused yet? Consider this: DCP Midstream Partners, LP, a publicly traded company, is, according to their website, “supported by our relationship with DCP Midstream LLC and its parents, Spectra Energy and Phillips 66.”

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