TBNT Is Building Momentum!

We had a successful fundraiser in July and our numbers are growing. Today we were fortunate to have an address by Sandra Steingraber who buoyed the spirits of TBNT by giving her accounts of successfully fighting industrialization in Illinois and New York state.

As word spreads more citizens are getting involved as this is not just a Searsport issue, it directly affects the entire region.

Please help our efforts by bringing your questions directly to leaders in city government and educating your friends and neighbors.

A key way to voice concern is by attending selectmen meetings in the upcoming months. The more people we can galvanize together to these meetings the stronger we become, the more momentum builds, the more spotlight, the more press, until we enough attention and action big enough and strong enough to fight off this BIG TANK. There is strength in numbers and we need visible supports of strength and unity.


Consider just in this past week there were two major accidents in the upper Penobscot area. You may have blinked an eye just for a moment and missed both.

In Bucksport, last Sunday afternoon a train carrying paper from Verso paper went off the tracks on Rte. 15, with one car overturning and many more derailed. On May 25 another railway accident occurred near Verso and an estimated 4,000 – 6000 gallons of papermaking chemicals (according to the DEP) spilled into the Penobscot River.

And just this past Monday, along Rte. 9 in Aurora, the road gave way and a trailer truck containing a huge wind turbine went off road; overturned, shutting down the road. All of these drivers have been given extensive safety information and training; but we see countless times accidents DO HAPPEN.

Consider for a moment, if both of these had been LPG transports; a tanker truck can carry up to 17,000 gallons of LPG; a railway car up to 30,000 gallons.  A propane tanker gas truck explosion can incinerate everything within a one-mile radius. And we are going to see these trucks all up and down on Routes 1 and 3Is it unreasonable to ask what sort of emergency plan Searsport or a surrounding community has for dealing with a massive accident? Or what emergency personnel, equipment and training are needed and the costs associated? Hard questions need to be asked and answered.

This is just one facet to consider; in upcoming emails we will look at more issues such as the lack of a DCP emergency power generator; the lack of a safety study, problems with the site location, and what the noise, air and light pollution will do to area tourism. Right now, we need people, just like you, that are concerned about the quality of life here mid-coast to attend, listen and ask these questions of their elected officials.

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